Wright Stander

Parker Power Equipment keeps your Wright Stander equipment running. 

Discover the Parker Power Equipment difference.  We are authorized the manufacturer’s service center for Husqvarna, RedMax, Wright Stander, MTD, Briggs & Stratton, Kawasaki and Honda.Why buy from the big box stores or chains when you get service, selection, expert advice and competitive prices from Parker!

Wright Stander Full Line Dealer

We sell and service the entire Wright Stander Product Line! 

The stand-on mowing revolution started right here. However, today’s Stander® is even more refined, agile and well balanced than its forefather. The patented stand-on design, known as Operator Balance Control (OBC), lets you become an extension of the machine, which allows you to handle changing terrain and hills almost as fast as level ground.Navigating tight spaces is a breeze with the Stander’s zero-turn radius capability.  Even now, the Stander is still making a bold statement in mowing performance. 

The Stander Intensity™ takes extra-compact stand-on mowing to a whole new level. It’s versatile enough to take on big jobs as well as fit in tight spaces, and has outstanding weight distribution for handling hills. Its free-floating AERO CORE™ deck delivers unparalleled cut quality in any mowing environment. And its floating foot platform with elasto-polymer bumpers absorbs rough terrain for a smooth, comfortable ride. The Intensity is the perfect look for improving your productivity. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in stand-on mowing technology, your search ends here. The Stander X™ features Wright’s unparalleled zero-turn radius maneuverability and class-leading ground speed.  Its powerful AERO CORE™ deck has a unique flow design that pulls more grass upright so that the blades can cut them evenly.  Cut height can be adjusted quickly and precisely. In every inch of the Stander X, you’ll find a stroke of genius. 

It’s more than just a new look for the Stander ZK™—it’s a complete rethinking and re-engineering of one of today’s most capable stand-on mowers. Every aspect of the ZK has been upgraded for increased reliability – with better balance, lighter weight, a larger, roomier foot platform, internal wet disc brakes and so much more. And, it now comes with the AERO CORE™ deck for unbeatable performance under any mowing conditions. From every viewpoint, it’s a must-see for any professional who needs a machine that can do it all.